Thursday, February 26, 2015

Style Report: Evening Gown

By Lexie Carleton

Evening gown is my favorite portion of pageantry! I love the feeling of being elegant and poised. I love having my hair done like a queen, and the dramatic look of great stage make up. Yet, you can’t forget it's not all just for fun. If you plan on competing for the crown, there are certain things you must know. Read on for my tips to impress the judges.

Judges notice right away if a gown doesn't fit properly. First, the length of the gown. You should not be able to see your feet, not even when walking. Next let's talk about tailoring. Your gown needs to be tailored to make sure that there are no awkward gaps or unflattering bulges. Lastly, be sure the gown as an even hemline. The difference is in the details! To score highly in formal wear, make sure the gown has an even hem, is an appropriate length, and fits you to a "T".

Style of the gown itself is very important. Make sure the dress does not overpower you. Judges want to see a pretty gown on a gorgeous girl not a gorgeous gown on a pretty girl. The dress does needs to flatter your body, but it must be age appropriate too. Avoid slits for girls younger than the teen division. Also remember age appropriate when it comes to necklines. Older girls can get away with a little cleavage, but make sure it is not distracting. Shape of the gown is also important. There are a bunch of different silhouettes such as mermaid, a-line, ball gown, sheath...the list goes on. I have seen each style win a competition. There is no perfect pageant silhouette, only the perfect shape for each unique girl. Pick one that makes you feel incredible.

Another big factor that comes into account when choosing your perfect gown is color. A gown should compliment the skin tone and still stand out. Color can also aid in age appearance. If the girl tends to look to older, stick to brighter colors or pastels like pink or sky-blue. To look older lean more towards darker colors. Also, always think about your personality. If you're calmer, stick to the cool colors, but if you're a little more outgoing, let the gown speak for you.

You don't have to spend a fortune on an amazing gown. There are a bunch of designers but don't get caught up in the brand game. One thing I will say, make sure you get more bang for your buck. Also, avoid sketchy online companies. I can't begin to tell you the horror stories I've heard! If you are stuck, contact our national sponsor, Perfection Boutique (you can find them on Facebook) and they will help you choose that perfect gown!

All in all I think the most important thing of all is this: feel fabulous in what you wear on stage. Feel fabulous, and you will look fabulous, and the judges will definitely notice!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

PR 101

By World's Glamorous Miss Mycah Hudson

Being a state titleholder more than earning entry to Nationals. You receive the chance to represent your state, promote the World’s Glamorous Miss system, and make a difference in your community. You were chosen out of many young ladies who would love to be in your shoes. Wearing your crown and banner is a privilege, and if you want to see all the amazing opportunities it can provide, you will need to earn them. Are you ready? Public relations 101, here we go!

    Never Belittle your Achievements

I say this first, because it is the quickest way to ruin your title. Whether it is an event, community service, photo shoot, or even social media accounts – BE PROUD! Sure, it may feel slightly uncomfortable having all eyes on you but this gets easier… I promise. Enjoy the limelight that comes with representing your pageant! Don’t just snap one photo at an appearance and then throw the crown and banner aside. They are your billboard, your way of showing everyone you are a part of an amazing group of ladies who sets out to make a difference and better themselves. Dress your best, reach out to others whenever possible, and always have a smile on.

     Choose a Platform

Whether your pageant system requires this or not, I think it’s a wonderful tool for your title. This can literally be anything: charities, disorders, equality, bullying, army wives, etc. Use the internet to help with ideas, but make sure your platform lights a fire in your heart – make it your passion. Volunteer your time to bring awareness, raise money, and implement programs to will help address the problem or cause. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS THE ONLY CAUSE YOU STAND FOR! A platform simply allows you to focus your extra time towards one topic. Never shut out opportunities or volunteer work just because it doesn’t match your platform.

Make a Social Media Page-and promote it!

Friends, family, and fans you gain along your journey need a way of keeping up with your year as a World’s Glamorous Miss State titleholder. Share things like appearance photos, favorite pageant tips, awareness of your platform, and even inspirational thoughts and quotes!

Represent Your State or Region

Sometimes we get so lost focusing on Nationals we forget about our roots. It’s important to remember you are representing your state or region also. Use your title to promote state fairs, political debates, charitable events, expansions to cities, etc. Invest in the great things taking place right around you! Grab your local sister queens and do appearances in the area. I see many pageant girls flock to charity appearances, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Why not come up with your own event to display your hometown hangouts and raise money to donate to a local charity? Be creative!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Glamorous Trip

A complimentary stay at Deaville Beach Resort, a VIP Runway Show, and a ticket to Miss Universe are just some of the amazing parts of our World’s Glamorous Miss Queens’ trip to Miami!

DAY 1: Coming from all around the country our queens met in Miami. Lexie had her first shoot for American Model and Pageant Magazine and fittings for the fashion show, she tells me she felt like a million bucks!

“I loved the gown they chose for me. It totally fit me and my personality!”
After enjoying a decent meal together, Lexie went in for hair and makeup and Demi and Mycah found their front row seats for fashion show.

The show itself consisted of many MacDuggal gowns, including ten which still remain unreleased to the public. Lexie felt so glamorous and lucky to be a part of such a prestigious event and her sister queens glowed with pride when she took the stage.

The VIP event became a welcome party for the Miss Universe contestants and included many photo opportunities. Demi and Mycah enjoyed being interviewed by Pageant Live, an interactive web show, made them feel incredibly special. The girls even got the pleasure to meet MacDuggal himself; an amazing time was had by all!

Day 2: Although their titles may be glamorous, each queen enjoys their beauty rest. However, they all agreed the early wake-up call for hair and makeup with Liz and Crown Style Glam was definitely worth it!

“They were so extremely friendly, and I was blown away with their results. I can’t wait to see the photos!”-Mycah Hudson
The beach photo-shoot left them with many fun memories together thanks to the incredibly Amanda Ferguson. And then there was one more surprise. Megan handed each of her queens a garment bag, in it a gorgeous Sherri Hill gown perfectly matched to their personalities. At first they thought they would just wear them for the photo-shoot, but then Megan said she had them sponsored, and the girls got to keep them!


As the 24-person limousine pulled up to the Deaville Resort, our queens were filled with excitement. Dressed for the red carpet they piled in and headed off to Miss Universe in style. They were even allowed back stage and gained exclusive access to the show. They found their seats and got ready to enjoy the “Pageant World Cup”.  Which became a learning experience, as watching live meant commercial downtime. They even saw a contestant pass out before the top 5 were announced! To one of our queens, Miss Demi, this was more than just any pageant.

“I will be back to Miss Universe one day, but the next time I want to be on the stage representing USA!"
(And we look forward to watching her shine on that stage!) 

Saying good-bye is never easy, but the girls know it won't be long until they are reunited again! Their time in Miami will always hold a special place in each queen’s heart.

“I'm so thankful that I got this opportunity and experience. I'm so lucky to have a great pageant director.  Megan, thank you for a dream come true.”-Demi King

“What an amazing weekend! It sure is nice being World’s Glamorous Teen!”-Lexie Carleton

"This was a once in a lifetime experience. This trip helped me grow as a woman in more ways than one, and for that I am forever grateful!"-Mycah Hudson

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Community Counts

By Demi King

Being active in my community and volunteering is very important to me and I want to inspire others to get involved. It becomes a breeze when you find a cause you're passionate about!

I have Type One diabetes. I have had it since I was three years old. I want other kids with diabetes and other different illnesses to know and understand that they can still do anything they want to do.There are so many people in our communities that need help or just inspiration. I believe we can all find something that we care about & try to do something that will help others.

My organization is called Bears for Hope- I collect stuffed animals & put a note around them telling kids with diabetes they can still do anything they put their mind to. My hope is doing this makes them feel a little better & in turn I feel better doing it. 

So I encourage all my pageant friends to find an organization you can get involved with or make your own. I did! It will touch so many others & you will feel great doing it! Wearing a crown makes you a role model. So get involved and remember, community counts!

World's Glamorous Jr. Teen
Demi King

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Style Report: Fun Fashion Wear!

By Lexie Carleton

I am so excited my first BLOG is about Fun Fashion!

One of my favorite things about pageants is getting to “strut my stuff” and really showcase my personality in competition. I got really excited when I heard World’s Glamorous Miss included Fun Fashion Wear. What girl doesn’t love to get all dressed up in a cute, sassy outfit?

When selecting an outfit for this category, it is important to pick something age appropriate as well as comfortable for movement. Also, make sure you are in love with your choice. If you really love what you are wearing, it will show to the judges. Be creative, edgy and let your personality shine!

I suggest choosing something with some movement in an eye catching color. For the Jr. Teen division a cute party dress with high-top tennis shoes, colorful capris and a tank, or even a fun sun dress! For the older girls show a little more sophistication with high-low styles, jumpsuits, skinny jeans paired with a fashion forward jacket, or even a great trench coat! Again, ALWAYS remember to keep it age appropriate and feel great in your clothes! There are no limitations, as long as it makes you feel amazing! What you wear is not as important as how you feel when you are wearing it! You want to project your personality, whether it’s sassy chic or casual sophistication.

After you choose your outfit, make sure accessories are not too much. A statement necklace, gorgeous earrings, hat are perfect, just make sure they enhance the look. A little note on props, keep them minimal as they can be distracting. My last word of advice, always make sure clothing is well fitting.  There is nothing more distracting than seeing hemlines that are too short, bustlines too big, or awkward bunches. A tailor can be a girl’s best friend!

Have fun with it!  If you love your outfit, then you will enjoy modeling it on stage and that is what the judges look for!

Happy styling!

World's Glamorous Teen,
Lexi Carleton

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glamorous Prize Package

By Mycah Hudson

"It feels like Christmas!" This was my first thought when I walked in to sign my contract after winning World's Glamorous Miss. Whether you have competed all your life, or Nationals is your first pageant, I'm sure you want to hear all about the opportunities/prizes you could win. Well, I'll give you a sneak peak :)

National title holders win a gorgeous crown, custom banner and trophy; you sparkle from a mile
away! Depending on how many ladies are in a division, queens can win up to a $5000 cash scholarship. Um hellooo new evening gown-or college books for older gals. Title holders also get to rock out Glam appearances with an adorable COACH purse, autograph cards and swag gear. Not to mention a fun photo shoot after Nationals and a modeling contract. Our optional competitions also offer amazing crowns, banners and cash prizes. 

Looking for an excuse to travel? Perfect! We go all over the country to do appearances, attend state pageants, and attend Miss USA. Wait what? Yes you read correctly! We We get to enjoy a royalty trip with sister queens to the MISS USA PAGEANT! Luckily, Miss Universe is in the U.S. this year, so our royalty trip is happening this weekend in Miami. 88 gorgeous women from all over the world - time to take notes! This prize list keeps going, trust me. I even got a TABLET for Christmas. I'm truly overwhelmed with how generous our directors are - they're the best.

But what about the opportunities? Well, let's just say this pageant system opens doors. Since winning my national title, I have had the ability to shoot with several photographers, work with 2 large fashion bloggers, and been contacted by modeling agencies. My director has provided me the opportunity to even judge a couple of pageants; which was an amazing experience! I got to provide positive criticism to young girls trying to make their dreams happen. My sister queens and I receive invites to fashion shows, fundraising events, etc. We are even getting a beach photo shoot with American Model Magazine while in Miami! After our time at a VIP pool party and fashion show! And all national queens recently received this amazing opportunity- blogging for the pageant system! What a great way to share our exciting year as World’s Glamorous Miss Queens.

Lastly, the best prize I've received has been the family I gained along my journey. FAMILY. From my sister queens and the girls I competed with, to the moms in the crowds, to our directors… I am forever grateful for their friendships and the memories we have made. Those are the prizes that every pageant girl walks away with and will never forget.

World’s Glamorous Miss
 Mycah Hudson

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fundraising 101: Tips to Cover National Expenses

I've received a lot of questions about how to afford nationals. Yes, a trip to Vegas comes with expenses, but I want to tell you: do not stress! Don’t believe me?  I raised $3,000 for my trip to California by following this mindset and I’m here to share how, and to say: YOU CAN TOO!

Promote Yourself
This is crucial and should be the first step in the fundraising formula. If no one knows who you are, how can they help? As soon as possible get a press release out stating your accomplishments. Include little pieces of what makes you unique and how this opportunity will take you to Vegas to compete for a National crown. Next, social media! Create a separate Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page (whichever suits you) for your title and KEEP IT UPDATED! Lastly, wear your crown and banner whenever possible. Please, and this is my biggest pet peeve, be PROUD of your title; others will be too.

It’s all about Community
Churches, schools, local businesses…they all want something to be proud of. Let yourself be that pride! Get out in your community and introduce who you are and WHY (this part is crucial) Nationals will benefit you. Once people become aware of your achievements, start asking for financial support.

Don’t limit yourself
Remember the banner you wear. You don’t just represent one city. You represent an ENTIRE state or region; take advantage of it. Travel around to neighboring towns, call places and set up meeting times. The farther you go, the more chance you have reaching your fundraising goals.

Get Creative
Fundraising doesn’t have to be simply asking for money. Have fun with it! Pair with a charity and set up a benefit, ask your church to host a soup supper, bake sales, tip night at restaurants-the possibilities are endless! Plan a BIG fundraiser for each season (Winter, Spring, Summer) and then smaller fundraisers throughout the rest of the time. I held a hot dog/brat sale (German town) over Father’s Day weekend and earned $700, just think about what is important to your community and play off it.

Here’s just a few restaurants who offer fundraising:
·         Cold Stone Creamery
·         Orange Leaf
·         Pizza Ranch
·         Buffalo Wild Wings
Get a part time job. Not only does this bring in the cash, but it looks great on a resume. Another plus: you gain a whole group of coworkers who may just help out! Designate a certain amount of every paycheck to Nationals. You can even start a savings account with your bank. This is how I earned the rest of my fundraising money.

Do the Work
My last piece of advice, get off your butt. Maybe that sounds harsh, but no one supports someone who doesn’t work for it. Get out in your community and go door to door asking for sponsors. Offer to help out businesses in return for sponsorship. Clean windows, floors, answer phones-nothing is beneath you. Offering something in exchange for sponsorship makes it all the more likely for a business to help out.

There is no amount too small. Set yourself smaller goals and the big goal will seem much more attainable!

As always email me at with any questions.

Happy Fundraising!