Thursday, February 5, 2015

Community Counts

By Demi King

Being active in my community and volunteering is very important to me and I want to inspire others to get involved. It becomes a breeze when you find a cause you're passionate about!

I have Type One diabetes. I have had it since I was three years old. I want other kids with diabetes and other different illnesses to know and understand that they can still do anything they want to do.There are so many people in our communities that need help or just inspiration. I believe we can all find something that we care about & try to do something that will help others.

My organization is called Bears for Hope- I collect stuffed animals & put a note around them telling kids with diabetes they can still do anything they put their mind to. My hope is doing this makes them feel a little better & in turn I feel better doing it. 

So I encourage all my pageant friends to find an organization you can get involved with or make your own. I did! It will touch so many others & you will feel great doing it! Wearing a crown makes you a role model. So get involved and remember, community counts!

World's Glamorous Jr. Teen
Demi King

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