Thursday, January 29, 2015

Style Report: Fun Fashion Wear!

By Lexie Carleton

I am so excited my first BLOG is about Fun Fashion!

One of my favorite things about pageants is getting to “strut my stuff” and really showcase my personality in competition. I got really excited when I heard World’s Glamorous Miss included Fun Fashion Wear. What girl doesn’t love to get all dressed up in a cute, sassy outfit?

When selecting an outfit for this category, it is important to pick something age appropriate as well as comfortable for movement. Also, make sure you are in love with your choice. If you really love what you are wearing, it will show to the judges. Be creative, edgy and let your personality shine!

I suggest choosing something with some movement in an eye catching color. For the Jr. Teen division a cute party dress with high-top tennis shoes, colorful capris and a tank, or even a fun sun dress! For the older girls show a little more sophistication with high-low styles, jumpsuits, skinny jeans paired with a fashion forward jacket, or even a great trench coat! Again, ALWAYS remember to keep it age appropriate and feel great in your clothes! There are no limitations, as long as it makes you feel amazing! What you wear is not as important as how you feel when you are wearing it! You want to project your personality, whether it’s sassy chic or casual sophistication.

After you choose your outfit, make sure accessories are not too much. A statement necklace, gorgeous earrings, hat are perfect, just make sure they enhance the look. A little note on props, keep them minimal as they can be distracting. My last word of advice, always make sure clothing is well fitting.  There is nothing more distracting than seeing hemlines that are too short, bustlines too big, or awkward bunches. A tailor can be a girl’s best friend!

Have fun with it!  If you love your outfit, then you will enjoy modeling it on stage and that is what the judges look for!

Happy styling!

World's Glamorous Teen,
Lexi Carleton

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