Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glamorous Prize Package

By Mycah Hudson

"It feels like Christmas!" This was my first thought when I walked in to sign my contract after winning World's Glamorous Miss. Whether you have competed all your life, or Nationals is your first pageant, I'm sure you want to hear all about the opportunities/prizes you could win. Well, I'll give you a sneak peak :)

National title holders win a gorgeous crown, custom banner and trophy; you sparkle from a mile
away! Depending on how many ladies are in a division, queens can win up to a $5000 cash scholarship. Um hellooo new evening gown-or college books for older gals. Title holders also get to rock out Glam appearances with an adorable COACH purse, autograph cards and swag gear. Not to mention a fun photo shoot after Nationals and a modeling contract. Our optional competitions also offer amazing crowns, banners and cash prizes. 

Looking for an excuse to travel? Perfect! We go all over the country to do appearances, attend state pageants, and attend Miss USA. Wait what? Yes you read correctly! We We get to enjoy a royalty trip with sister queens to the MISS USA PAGEANT! Luckily, Miss Universe is in the U.S. this year, so our royalty trip is happening this weekend in Miami. 88 gorgeous women from all over the world - time to take notes! This prize list keeps going, trust me. I even got a TABLET for Christmas. I'm truly overwhelmed with how generous our directors are - they're the best.

But what about the opportunities? Well, let's just say this pageant system opens doors. Since winning my national title, I have had the ability to shoot with several photographers, work with 2 large fashion bloggers, and been contacted by modeling agencies. My director has provided me the opportunity to even judge a couple of pageants; which was an amazing experience! I got to provide positive criticism to young girls trying to make their dreams happen. My sister queens and I receive invites to fashion shows, fundraising events, etc. We are even getting a beach photo shoot with American Model Magazine while in Miami! After our time at a VIP pool party and fashion show! And all national queens recently received this amazing opportunity- blogging for the pageant system! What a great way to share our exciting year as World’s Glamorous Miss Queens.

Lastly, the best prize I've received has been the family I gained along my journey. FAMILY. From my sister queens and the girls I competed with, to the moms in the crowds, to our directors… I am forever grateful for their friendships and the memories we have made. Those are the prizes that every pageant girl walks away with and will never forget.

World’s Glamorous Miss
 Mycah Hudson

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