Thursday, February 19, 2015

PR 101

By World's Glamorous Miss Mycah Hudson

Being a state titleholder more than earning entry to Nationals. You receive the chance to represent your state, promote the World’s Glamorous Miss system, and make a difference in your community. You were chosen out of many young ladies who would love to be in your shoes. Wearing your crown and banner is a privilege, and if you want to see all the amazing opportunities it can provide, you will need to earn them. Are you ready? Public relations 101, here we go!

    Never Belittle your Achievements

I say this first, because it is the quickest way to ruin your title. Whether it is an event, community service, photo shoot, or even social media accounts – BE PROUD! Sure, it may feel slightly uncomfortable having all eyes on you but this gets easier… I promise. Enjoy the limelight that comes with representing your pageant! Don’t just snap one photo at an appearance and then throw the crown and banner aside. They are your billboard, your way of showing everyone you are a part of an amazing group of ladies who sets out to make a difference and better themselves. Dress your best, reach out to others whenever possible, and always have a smile on.

     Choose a Platform

Whether your pageant system requires this or not, I think it’s a wonderful tool for your title. This can literally be anything: charities, disorders, equality, bullying, army wives, etc. Use the internet to help with ideas, but make sure your platform lights a fire in your heart – make it your passion. Volunteer your time to bring awareness, raise money, and implement programs to will help address the problem or cause. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS THE ONLY CAUSE YOU STAND FOR! A platform simply allows you to focus your extra time towards one topic. Never shut out opportunities or volunteer work just because it doesn’t match your platform.

Make a Social Media Page-and promote it!

Friends, family, and fans you gain along your journey need a way of keeping up with your year as a World’s Glamorous Miss State titleholder. Share things like appearance photos, favorite pageant tips, awareness of your platform, and even inspirational thoughts and quotes!

Represent Your State or Region

Sometimes we get so lost focusing on Nationals we forget about our roots. It’s important to remember you are representing your state or region also. Use your title to promote state fairs, political debates, charitable events, expansions to cities, etc. Invest in the great things taking place right around you! Grab your local sister queens and do appearances in the area. I see many pageant girls flock to charity appearances, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Why not come up with your own event to display your hometown hangouts and raise money to donate to a local charity? Be creative!

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